Honorary Doctorate from the Academy of Art University

Some people simply complain when they don’t see something that works for their own children, religion, or culture. Others simply invent it. Rajeev Chilaka falls into the second category. As an alumni of the Academy of Art University, he used his skills while working for Green Gold Animation TV Pvt. Ltd. to create a widely popular series called “Chhota Bheem.”

Launching the series in 2008. He started it as a result of the lack of Indian cartoons that he saw that catered to the Indian population. And he particularly wanted to cater to the population under 14. So, as he explained, “We decided to come up with an ideal character that could teach good values to children.”

Today, this character, Bheem, is watched by 40 million children every week and appeals to people of all ages. It has some of the highest consistent rating for a television show across India. When asked about his success, Chilaka credits the Academy of Art University with inspiring him and helping him to develop his skills.

Recently, Chilaka was presented with an honorary doctorate from the Academy of Art University. Certainly, a well-deserved honor for this talented man.


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